Privacy Policy


American Polyfilm, Inc. (APi) collects a Customer’s name, shipping address, and e-mail information during the order process.  All credit card or bank information related to the purchase of APi film is handled exclusively by East Commerce Solutions, Inc., the credit card processing service provider.  A Customer’s personal information is never shared nor sold to a third party.  APi will only provide information to businesses or individuals in response to court orders, subpoenas, or other legal requirements. 



Freight Policy


American Polyfilm, Inc. (APi) ships its film on skids, in boxes, or in crates, depending upon the size, weight, and final destination of the product.  All international shipments that require heat-treated wood crates are subject to an additional packaging fee.  The Customer is responsible for all packaging, freight, and customs costs and may specify a preferred shipping agent.  An order may be shipped either Freight Collect or Freight Prepaid and Add.  

All APi orders are shipped FOB (Freight On Board) Origin, meaning that APi maintains responsibility for its product only until it is received by the freight carrier at the APi loading dock.  The Customer takes ownership (title and control) of the product at the origin, as soon as the freight carrier signs for the product, and is responsible for the transportation of the product beyond this point.  The Customer has total responsibility over the product while it is in transit and is responsible for filing any claims with the freight carrier.  Shipments should be inspected upon receipt and any observed damages should be noted on the Bill of Lading.


Return & Refund Policies


American Polyfilm, Inc. (APi) specializes in producing custom polyurethane film that is individually tailored to each Customer's needs and specifications.  Since APi's products are made to order, APi does not accept returns and does not issue refunds unless the film has not been made according to specifications (color, width, gauge, film and core type) agreed upon in the Purchase Order.  It is highly recommended that the Customer obtain a sample of the product for testing before placing an order.  APi will provide a Technical Data Sheet (TDS), a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), and Compliance Letters, which the Customer should carefully review before committing to a product and submitting a Purchase Order.

If the purchased film does not meet the Customer's specifications, as detailed in the Purchase Order, APi will make every effort to remedy the problem.  Remedies may include reworking of the film, issuing a credit on account, or issuing a full refund.  If it is determined that the film should be reworked or returned, APi will issue an RMA and will cover the cost of the rework, freight, and handling.  If it is determined that the film will be returned for credit or refund, APi will compensate the Customer for incurred shipping and handling costs.  If, however, it is determined that the film was manufactured according to the Customer's Purchase Order specifications, then no refund shall be issued, and APi will work with the Customer to help develop an alternative film.