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Polyurethane Film Manufacturer


American Polyfilm is a family-owned and operated Polyurethane Film Manufacturer located in Branford, Connecticut.  Since our founding in 1998, we have developed our expertise in producing made-to-order blown polyurethane films, Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU films) from 1 mil (25µ) to 40 mil (1mm) and up to 82” (2m) wide.  We produce aromatic polyester and polyether TPU plastic films as well as aliphatic TPU films.  As TPU material manufacturers, we offer reduced lead times and small minimum-order quantities.  We also have the capacity to fill large orders.

commitment to quality

American Polyfilm has been an ISO-certified polyurethane film supplier since 2007

Quality is a top priority.  We have a robust quality assurance system in place and make constant improvements to our production, monitoring, and control equipment.  Our goal is to ensure continuous improvement of our finished goods.

HOw our products are used —



Polyurethane or PU Film is consistently used in the most demanding industrial applications.  Prized for its durability, Polyurethane Films are an excellent choice for applications requiring chemical/fuel resistance and abrasion/tear/puncture resistance.  Our films can be formulated to provide permanent anti-static properties, flame resistance, UV resistance, and mold/mildew/fungus resistance.

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Polyurethane Film offers a unique combination of properties that make it an excellent material for medical applications.  Polyether TPU Films offer antimicrobial properties, breathability, and biocompatibility, all while maintaining elasticity and a soft feel.  Polyether TPU material is also resistant to skin oils and has passed Agar Diffusion testing for skin cytotoxicity.  Polyester TPU Films have excellent tear and abrasion resistance, characteristics that make them perfectly suited for more physically demanding medical products.

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Athletic & Outdoor

Polyurethane Film products are ideal for demanding outdoor applications.  Our Polyether Films are used extensively in the performance textile industry.  Easy to laminate, Polyether TPU Films provide a waterproof breathable layer to substrates.  Because of their hydrolytic stability, Polyether TPU product grades excel in the most humid environments without losing their strength and are naturally resistant to microbial growth.  

American Polyfilm also provides high MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate) Films to further improve your products.  We also manufacture Flame Retardant Films to meet the most demanding UL standards. 

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Inflatables & Advertising

  • Advertising Balloons and Blimps
  • Unmanned Surveillance Vehicles
  • Inflatable Airships
  • Radio-Controlled Airships
  • Inflatable Structures
  • Printed Floor and Wall Panels
  • Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards
  • Personal Flotation Devices

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